This week we have received about 10 calls from customers saying that Windows 10 installed automatically on their computer without permission.  The reason for this is because Microsoft has launched one last aggressive push to get as many devices running Windows 10 as they possibly can before the expiration of the free upgrade offer.  What makes this push particularly sneaky is that when users click the “X” in the upper right-hand corner of the upgrade window, this click is now interpreted as the authorization to download Windows 10.  That’s right, if you click the “X” button Windows 10 will begin the installation process.  While upgrading to Windows 10 is recommended, this tactic is unfair as many users of Windows 7 and Windows 8 do not wish to upgrade.  The only way to reject the download is to click the link that says “Click here to change the upgrade schedule or cancel schedule upgrade”, then change your upgrade settings so that nothing is automatically installed.

If Windows 10 installed automatically on your device, Computer Repair in Tyler can downgrade your computer and revert back to the previous version of Windows that you were running.  We can also show you how to use Windows 10 if you’d like to keep the upgrade, but aren’t quite sure of how to use the new operating system.