A new version of Google’s popular web browser, Chrome, was just released with new features and security improvements. This new Version 50 of Chrome is also missing a couple of features that previous versions had: Support for Microsoft’s Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Windows XP is still used extensively around the world, but its age and lack of ongoing support and security updates from Microsoft, who cut it off last year, means that it is no longer really safe to use outside of very tightly controlled environments. Windows Vista is in a similar situation where its age and lack of support means that any flaws or weakness it has now will only become more well known and exploited in the future.

By dropping support for these older operating systems, Google is making a move to help protect its users from hackers and virus writers. The only problem is, upgrading to a version of Windows is not simple for everybody. Businesses often have a lot invested in older, mission critical applications that need older versions of Windows to run properly. For them, it is not as easy as taking advantage of a free upgrade from Microsoft.

If you or your company is having issues with this newest version of Chrome not running on your existing systems, give ETV Software a call. We can help make sure there was nothing else wrong with the upgrade process and have the experience necessary to advise you about upgrading the operating system running on your computers without breaking other important software.