As we move away from March, it’s becoming more and more evident that Spring is here! The flowers are blooming, the temps are warming, and we’re starting to get those quick spring showers that sweep in and out in a days time. In honor of Spring, and the annual cleaning that often comes with it, we wanted to again offer our Spring Cleaning deal on virus and malware removal!

From now until the end of April bring your laptop or desktop by our office and you’ll receive 10% off our normal virus removal rates. Our team of technicians will use the best tools avaliable to screen and remove viruses from your computer. They can also update your computer’s software and apply any overdue security patches for you to help make sure your computer remains virus free.

We may not be able to help you clean you home, but come visit us at 1331 South Beckham Ave in Tyler if you need a little extra help with your computer. You can also call us at 903.531.0377 or email us at