“Macs don’t get viruses” has been a sort of unspoken rule for years, but it hasn’t ever really been true. Certainly, there have been less viruses for Macs over the long term, and far fewer that spread as far and wide as some of the more damaging Windows viruses, but yesterday, another example of a Mac Virus surfaced.

This virus, a variant of a previous Mac virus called Fruitfly has managed to evade both anti-virus programs and Apple’s own limited built in virus protections for years. It is able to take screenshots, record keystrokes (and thus passwords!), and even access the webcam on Macs that have one. You can read more about this Virus and how it was discovered here.

Fortunately, now that this virus variant has been discovered it is being added to the databases of popular antivirus applications. That said, if your Mac is acting funny, it’s possible it could be infected by some virus or malware. At Computer Repair in Tyler, we have the latest virus scanning tools and can diagnosis even the oddest or most elusive problems.
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