During the month of June, Computer Repair in Tyler is offering 10% off of any virus removal.  Whether you have an infected desktop, laptop, a Windows PC or an Apple, we can remove the virus that is plaguing you and your machine.

Having a computer virus can be a nightmare.  Sometimes you know that your computer has been attacked by a virus, and other times the signs can be a lot less obvious. Viruses can simply make your machine not work as well as it used to, but they can also do far greater damage – for instance, skimming through your personal information for sensitive passwords and files.  At Computer Repair in Tyler, we are experts in identifying and locating a virus, performing a comprehensive virus removal, and showing you what you can do to prevent future computer virus attacks.

If you are not sure that you have a virus, visit our virus removal page to see a checklist of the common issues a computer may experience if in fact a virus has installed itself on your machine.  If this doesn’t help, just bring it to us – Computer Repair in Tyler is one of the only full-service computer repair companies in Tyler that offers a free diagnostic to tell you what’s wrong with your computer before any work is done.  Our customers love our free diagnostic service; it’s just one of the many things we do to show our appreciation for our loyal customers.