Like Gawking Geeks reported recently, now more than ever there are some great reasons to upgrade your computer with an SSD.

These Solid State Drives do away with the spinning disks we’ve used in our Hard Disk Drives for decades, and instead store data on super fast Flash RAM similar to that you find in a portable USB Thumb Drive. The benefits of upgrading an SSD are numerous. They are many times faster and will greatly accelerate your computer’s startup time and speed up your application launch times.

They are also more durable. With a normal Hard Drive, any number of things can go wrong. The motor that spins the disks can go bad. The super accurate servos that control the multiple delicate read/write heads can die. The disks themselves can become unbalanced or scratches during a drop. SSDs suffer none of these drawbacks.

For the last few years SSDs were an up and coming thing. They were both too expensive and held too little data to be worth buying for most computer users. But these days storage size increases are skyrocketing and prices are dropping, both of which are finally making SSDs affordable for use in the average computer.

For the month of August, Computer Repair in Tyler is offering a 10% discount on the purchase and installation of an SSD for your desktop or laptop. Even better, we’re applying that same discount to moving your data from your slow Hard Disk Drive over to your new SSD. You’ll notice an immediate difference, and with our Deal of the Month, you’ll save some money too!

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