Laptop Screen Cracked?


Whether you are traveling, rushing to school, or going to your local coffee shop, laptop screens are prone to cracking by simply being mobile. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to fix a laptop screen unless you take it to a professional computer repair shop. But there are ways to prevent the inevitable.


Steps You Can Take To Avoid A Laptop Screen Repair


1. Find a padded sleeve, or a hard plastic case to protect your device. This will protect your laptop when you are carrying it to and from your destinations. There are a lot of options that you can choose from for additional protection that every laptop deserves.

2. Do NOT put heavy objects near your device. We have heard stories of people unknowingly having a large object fall and smash laptop computer screens to pieces. So it’s important to check your surroundings before placing your laptop down.

3. Ensure that you never leave your computer on the ground or keep it on the bed. It’s very easy to let your guard down. And when you least expect it someone accidentally steps on your laptop. The laptop screen will be no more. On the flip side, leaving your computer on the bed can lead to it sliding off and can also be a hazard if you lay it beside your bed – leading you, yourself, to step on it in the morning. We’ve found this to be the biggest issue when it comes to cracking laptop screens.

4. Don’t lift your laptop or Chromebook by the screen. Ensure that you are always properly picking them up from the bottom of the device.

5. As much fun as it is to drink coffee in the morning while working on your laptop, don’t do it! Once your liquid of choice spills onto the computer, it can do much more damage to it than just the screen. So be careful!


In Conclusion


Unfortunately, accidents will always happen. So it’s important to take as much precaution to prevent your next laptop screen repair service. If, in the event, that you do crack your screen – don’t worry. Visit ETV Software’s Computer Repair In Tyler. We are located in Tyler, TX between Big Lots and Mark’s Formals. If you need to pop our address into your phone, it’s 1331 S. Beckham Avenue. And if you would like to call us, our phone number is 903-246-9151.


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