15 Useful PC Keyboard Shortcuts Everyone Should Know


Shortcuts are the key to speeding up your workflow. We delve into the best  keyboard shortcuts that are guaranteed to save you time and energy! Some of these may be recognizable, but we know that there is likely at least one shortcut that you have not learned yet. Add them to your computer vocabulary!




This will open your PC Task Manager. The Task Manager is exclusive to Windows operating systems. If you really need to end a task or monitor your system, this is the place to do it!


2. SHIFT when inserting a CD into your CD-ROM drive


A handy feature when you want to prevent the CD-ROM from playing automatically.




Do this when you want to delete your selected items permanently. It’s a quick way to skip dropping them into the Recycle Bin.


4. CTRL + SHIFT when dragging an item


This creates a proper shortcut to the item that you have selected.


5. F2 key


When you are wanting to rename an item on your computer without having to click. You must click on the item you want to rename first.


6. CTRL when dragging an item


Want to make a copy? This is the quickest way.


7. CTRL + A


Need to selected everything in a list? Do this.




Viewing the properties of your selected item has never been easier.


9. ALT + F4


If you have an activated item or program, this will close it. The equivalent to clicking the “X” in the upper right.


10. CTRL + ESC


Open your Start menu.


11. ALT + TAB


Cycle between the open items on your laptop or Desktop PC.


12. F3 key


If you need to search for a folder or a file, use F3 to do so efficiently.


13. F5 key


Refresh the active window on your PC.


14. CTRL + C


This is probably the most well-known way to Copy something. Use CTRL + V to Paste the Copy in the active location.


15. CTRL + Z


For every designer or developer out there, this is a life saver. Use this command to Undo your last mistake.




Stay tuned for our next blog over 15 Useful Mac Keyboard Shortcuts Everyone Should Know for all of the Apple fans out there. We hope you learned something new.